About Us


    Setup by Mo Farah and his wife Tania in September 2011, the Mo Farah Foundation is a charity focussed on health improvement, education and the alleviation of poverty in the horn of Africa and the UK.


    Mo and Tania believe this is unacceptable; through the Foundation, they want to reach all their supporters and work with them to address the most urgent needs.

    The Charity’s Aims


    The aims of the Foundation include;

    ▪ Helping to provide safe drinking water and sanitation

    ▪ Improve Access to Healthcare

    ▪ Support Livelihood and generation income

    ▪ Promote education

    ▪ Identify, nurture and harness the sporting talent of young adults as part of the Olympic Legacy.

    Who Benefits From Our Activities?


    Our beneficiaries include;

    ▪ Internally displaced peoples of Somalia and Kenya affected by severe drought and conflict.

    ▪ Young people in the UK from deprived backgrounds


    UK Projects / Academy


    The Mo Farah Foundation launched its first UK initiative during August 2013 designed to progress home grown sporting excellence whilst building on the London Olympic Legacy. For more information Click Here.



  • Contact

    For more information on the Mo Farah Foundation feel free to get in touch by emailing: info@mofarahfoundation.org.uk